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Staying Fit as we battle the growing pains....

The reality "we are all aging" The challenge "The struggle to stay fit" - The most important part is keep away from injury, when we are going to get physical activities, it is important to understand our own capability, of course we always go by the advise from our medical doctors, The WARM UP - STRETCH is the key for what ever reason do not start COLD, this is where the injury comes most of the time. And in addition diet and get enough rest or sleep.

For me WALKING, HIKING is the best and maybe less risk of injury's compared to other physical activities or sports.

Yesterday I decided to take my bike to work and decided not to go home for lunch instead I packed my lunch and I went took a spin for about an hour, I started slow until I felt like I can push it more. Riding a bike in street, leading to the bike trail is a struggle, you need to know the rules, safety again is most important, wear proper clothing, helmet, safety aids, the trail rules and regulations when dealing with busy trail with hikers.

It is hard and difficult but I have to do this to be fit and able to enjoy the quality of life ahead of my retirement and of course the challenge of a Master of WGF399 - 2020, the Master of Mt Hamilton Grange # 469 at the same time, The entertainer (Mobile DJ) and a husband and last but not the least a Grandfather of 2 pretty young girls Aria (7) & Aivee (3).


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