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July Stated Meeting in White Coats

First I would like to recognize WB Will Montoya and Bro David Montoya for extending their cable tow by affiliating to WGF399, they are both a great addition and help to WGF-399, Worshipful Will Montoya has been a big part of masonic education by offering his own time at his on crib to help EA's FC's to study and advance to their degrees.

Also Bro Pat Doughty announcement as a recipient for this year cornerstone award. Congratulations!

Also for our EA's attendance last night, Bro Judd Xavier, Bro Jose Avalos, Bro Larry Motas and to all our regular brethren attendees.

Lastly - Is there anyone among the brethren that can tell the story behind the "White Coats" worn during summer season for Willow Glen Fraternity Lodge 399?



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