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Sharing my trip to Yancey C. Blalock Lodge # 265 Shoreline, Washington

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Sharing my trip to Yancey C. Blalock Lodge # 265 Shoreline, Washington. On June 27th 2019 - Made a trip to Shoreline, Washington to participate to a 3 Degree Conferral for a college classmate and a good friend of mind. It all started when I saw a Facebook post the there is a 2nd Degree proficiency just completed the week before and I have sent a congratulatory message, following that I got a call again via messenger inquiring if I wanted to participate in the 3rd degree conferral as their lodge is going to be dark soon. I was given at least the opportunity to look at the ritual as I just learned that they are "Ancient" the 3rd Degree 2nd section is quite different and also part of the lecture as well.

The first section is about 60 percent the same with our ritual. I did made a decision to accept the invitation and challenge and start working in translating with the help of the Sr Warden Joey Angeles, the work started and I have 4 days to memorize. It was indeed an interesting night to be part and working with a whole line of officers delivering a part of the degree conferral, first section.

The experience of the fellowship and the brotherhood was priceless and the fact that I was inserted back in the 2nd section during the raising was memorable not only to my friend but to me as well. My wife has also a change to enjoy the company of our sister May Ann Ingles whom she had not seen in 33 years. I would like to encourage the brethren to watch for this opportunities as they come during our journey in our fraternity and experience the great brotherhood of our craft has to offer.

Lastly my wife and I visited Bro Gerry Best who live a few miles south of the airport. He is sending his regards to brethren.

Robert Fernandez PM

Jr. Warden WGF399

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